By ascott373
Nov 14, 2009
  1. Good morning everyone;

    My name is ascott373, and I'm having a problem accessing my homework on EXCEL 2003. I'm getting an error message that 'SKU011.CAB cannot be found'. I believe my issue started when I downloaded EXCEL 2007 when I was told to upgrade my EXCEL to 2007.

    So it appears that when I downloaded the EXCEL 2007, it blanket my everything that I've done on EXCEL 2003. I went to: control-panel/add & remove programs/ Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003, then pressed 'change' and followed the instructions to repair and reinstall.

    I got the same error message: 'SKU011.CAB cannot be found'. I don't have a CD to reinstall 'SKU011.CAB because my laptop computer came preconfigured my school that I graduated from 8 months ago.

    I need help ASAP!
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