Slave HD disappears

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Jul 23, 2007
  1. My 2nd hard drive, set to slave, disappears from time to time. I have to shut down and reboot, then it comes back with no problem...everything still there. Why does it do this??? and how can I stop it!!!
    My friend says I have to much plugged in mobo and that sometimes devices get lost. I have 2 ide hd's, 1 sata drive, 1 dvd burner, usb keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner and a 4-way hub for my camera, mp3 player, steering wheel and flash stick.
    Is this too much??? The 4 things in the usb hub are never used at the same time, just have them plugged in for easy use.
    Would appreciate any help here. Thanks
  2. poertner_1274

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    Have you looked at Disk Management when it disapears? (Right click My Computer and choose Manage..)
  3. Daveskater

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    well that doesn't seem like too much stuff to me but i have heard that ide and sata don't mix well

    i only have ide drives cos my mobo is old but from what i know it's not recommended to have both together. how long have you had the sata drive?
  4. Tomi-Wan

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    Yes, looked at disk management, drive not there when it happens.

    The problem started about 2 months ago. That's why I got the sata a month ago and installed it to use to backup everything. I have ALOT of music, pictures, movies and golf courses...would take forever to burn to dvd's.
    My c: drive is seagate 160 gig, my d: drive is western digital 120 gig and sata is western digital 250 gig. The d is the one that disappears.
  5. Tomi-Wan

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    Bump to top please
  6. thebaronjocelin

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    Perhaps when you plug more devices into the hub, or if any one device increases it's load too much, it's power usage could deny power to the slave HDD, which is often the first victim.
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