Sleep/standby not working after booting from secondary HDD

By VvWolverinevV
Aug 30, 2008
  1. I have two HDDs - one with Windows Vista x86-64 and one with Linux. I recently setup GRUB on the Linux HDD's MBR. This allows me to choose the operating system I want to boot when the BIOS calls the Linux HDD MBR. However, when I boot to Windows in this way, sleep does not work properly (it simply locks my session - almost as if something like a USB device were waking the computer immediately after it tries to sleep).

    When the BIOS calls the Windows HDD MBR, however, sleep works just fine.

    Other possibly useful information: I used to have GRUB on the Windows HDD, and in that case, sleep also worked fine. So it seems to be a problem with actually booting through the secondary HDD MBR.

    Does anyone know what's going on here? :(
  2. VvWolverinevV

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  3. VvWolverinevV

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