SLI and Crossfire Mobo?

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Feb 3, 2008
  1. The question is simple are there any mobos (chipsets also) that support SLI and Crossfire at the moment? will there ever be?

    PS im a bit confused and unlearned by the chipsets names and features; are there any guides or info comparing all of them? i tried looking for info online and i cant find anything
  2. grimesy69

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    To put this as simple as possible. I am 99% sure there won't be because.

    In a crossfire and sli configuration, both the cards have to be identical for it to work.

    Crossfire and sli are completely different but acheive the same thing.
  3. Cinders

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    SLI uses Nvidia chipsets while Crossfire uses Intel and AMD/ATI chipsets. No there isn't a chipset that will allow both SLI and/or Crossfire on the same motherboard. Unless SLI chipsets become terribly unpopular then we will never see an SLI setup work on anything other than an Nvidia chipset. All motherboards that support SLI will have SLI in their title. Not all SLI/Crossfire motherboards will operate at full speed. You will have to look closely at the motherboard specs to determine if both (or more now) sixteen speed PCI-E slots are operating at sixteen speed. Sometimes they will only work at eight speed while in SLI/Crossfire. Eight speed SLI/Crossfire is almost as fast as sixteen speed SLI/Crossfire.
  4. DeepMartin

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    if i'm not mistaken the x38 supports 2pcie @16 speed each (and only crossfire)

  5. Cinders

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