Sling TV core package now includes 20 channels for $20

By Shawn Knight
Mar 26, 2015
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    Over-the-top Internet television provider Sling TV has added a handful of channels to its offering, boosting its “Best of Live TV” core package of channels to 20 for $20 per month.

    New to the core package are four A+E Networks: A&E, History, H2 (History 2) and Lifetime. Additionally, FYI and LMN have been added to the Lifestyle Extra add-on pack which already includes truTV, Cooking Channel, DIY and WE tv for an additional $5 per month.

    Sling TV launched in early February and has reportedly gotten off to a solid start. Sources familiar with the matter told Re/code that at least 100,000 people had signed up to try the service within the first month alone. How many people actually stuck around after the one week free trial, however, isn’t known.

    sling streaming live tv history internet tv sling tv over the top best of live tv ae h2 lifetime fyi lmn lifestyle extra add-on pack

    The disruptive service launched at the same $20 price point it is today although it included just 12 channels in the core package. Sling TV has added eight additional core channels since that time including AMC, home to hit shows like The Walking Dead and Better Call Saul.

    Sling TV also offers five add-on packs of channels for an additional $5 each which include anywhere between five and nine additional channels depending on the pack. In total, Sling TV offers access to 52 channels if my math is correct although you’d need to shell out $45 per month to get them all.

    That’s the great thing about these smaller add-on packs – they’re sorted into categories and odds are, you won’t be interested in all of them so you aren’t paying for a ton of channels you’ll never watch.

    Sony, meanwhile, launched its long-awaited PlayStation Vue service in select markets last week. Pricing starts at $49.99 for access to more than 50 channels. That’s more than double the entry price of Sling TV although you do get more than twice as many channels and a cloud-based DVR. Sony will be rolling out the service to other markets in the coming months, we’re told.

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  2. TomSEA

    TomSEA TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,718   +860

    Sports. Where are the sports stations?
  3. insect

    insect TS Evangelist Posts: 349   +132

    My contract with cable is up in a month! Great timing for me :) So hard to choose a streaming service that's "just right"... Don't want all of them because then I'd pay as much as cable costs. Already have Prime - Sony is too expensive - only need about 10 key channels - Sling has ESPN which is a big plus. Then there's netflix and hulu...

    I'm leaning towards Prime + Netflix + Sling (8.25 + 9 + 20 for 37.25 + taxes and fees/month). About half of cable... but still... do I really need Sling? Maybe just go to a bar for sports every now and then or buy the NHL package or something... hmmm... decisions decisions...
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