SLOW 2.5 G Celeron

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Jan 2, 2004
  1. mvhw

    mvhw TS Rookie

    no Azza

    The Azza mboard died, so I am using the Barton cpu on a Soyo kt400 mboard.
  2. leokaiser69

    leokaiser69 TS Rookie

    Thanks for replying me.
    I do not want to abuse about your avalaibility , but do you remember particular settings to set apart jumper j5-j6 (fsb at 166) on your old MB or bios to make it run with athlon xp 2500 processor?
    I got some problem. I have the latest bios, i Think I set up correcty but it doesn't boot
  3. mvhw

    mvhw TS Rookie

    what happens?

    What happens when you boot? What do you see? Does it give you a reading for the processor test? Does it give you a reading for the hardware/hard drive? If you get nothing on the screen at all then either your video card or your mboard is dead. Having the wrong fsb setting on the jumper should still allow you to boot, though at a slower speed.
    If you get nothing at all and even the fans do not come on, then test your mboard using a different power supply.
  4. leokaiser69

    leokaiser69 TS Rookie

    I cannot see anything on the screen.
    I' m currently using both the mB and the video card with an Athlon Xp 1700 processor and all is working fine.
    When I change processor (the xp 2500, changing junpers..) the fans are working but no video nor beep error sound.
    Probably the problem is the new processor itself.
    I'll try to get another system to test the processor.
    However if you have any suggestion, you are really welcome.
    I have noticed in the bios a "cpu clock" that permit to me to set it up to 165.
    I would attempt to set it to 165 and then try to put the new processor to see if it starts, but I'm scared that the 1700 processor won't start anymore with this settings in case I need to put it on again

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