Build a PC Slow computer start up and stuttering music

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Hi, I have been experiencing a few problems with my computer over the past few months and have been trying endless things to improve it but not really making much progress.

The main problem is the slow start-up when the computer is first turned on, it is fairly fast until it gets to the actual windows load up part to begin using it. It takes about 4-5 minutes in total to get started.

Then also when i am playing winamp and then i start another program the whole computer grinds to a halt and the music begins to stutter a lot. It appears everything just slows down.

I have adaware checks every day or so, spyware programmes installed, anti virus software, frequent defragmenting and also registry cleaning.

My computer is ... AMD Athlon (tm) XP 2700+
2.16 GHz, 512 MB of RAM

It only has a quarter of its C drive used up of space.

Please help,



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A bit late, hope you are still reading:

I had the same thing, but I also had constant stuttering everywhere. I got temporarily rid off it by clicking like mad and moving the mouse in circles. :monkey: Yeah, sounds funny but it worked, hehe.
Keep in mind that I had an enormously cluttered-up XP (but free of spy- and malware as far as I could tell and I had a bit of investigating and cleaning up done to that point). I never found out what it was because it bothered me so much that I just formated C and reinstalled XP.

I'd say, most likely it's chaos in the registry or maybe a memory leak which I have no idea how to close.


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your computer is probably held back by numerous programs you put there, programs that load during boot and use up memory. remove programs that run on startup.
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