Slow Internet browsing on new laptop

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Aug 2, 2012
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  1. Embraze

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    Theo, are you sure it's the same problem?
    This DNS thing actually did really well for me and I'm still using it. However, I found out that the main problem with me was a compatibility issue between my Samsung laptop and the d-Link router I had. Apparently it's a "known" issue with those specific models and I only found this out when I went to the manufacturers. So even though the DNS thing works, it still got time-outs later on. On a new router, everything works fine but I'm still using the DNS Benchmark software for faster browsing.
    So make sure first that there is no other issue. Then I'll try to explain it to you from my experience of it (unless some other techier person wants to step it xD).
  2. luke12343

    luke12343 TS Rookie

    This thread is a bit old now, But I think I got the same problem and I don't really understand what you lot were talking about so if you still around it will be great.
  3. Michael York

    Michael York TS Rookie

    Ok, so I have a problem similar to this, the difference is, my laptop, ipod and phone all work fine on my wireless network, but whenever I connect my laptop straight to my modem it won't connect to the internet at all, it wont identify the network and it says it doesn't have to correct ip configurations, the only reason I wanted to have my laptop hardwired, is just to see how fast it is with a 1gbps connection, on wifi I get 100mbps, but its still kinda slow art times, is there anything I can do to get my laptop to recognize the modem?? I have tried spoofing but had no luck there.
  4. jobeard

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    Get into an Admin login and get a command prompt
    • type: ipconfig /flushdns
      type: nbtstat -R
      type: netsh int reset all
      type: netsh int ip reset
      type: netsh winsock reset
    • Reboot
    when you get the desktop again, reconnect to the router or directly to the modem (wait at least 30 seconds),
    access the command prompt and enter
    IPCONFIG /ALL >myTcp.txt
    open the myTcp.txt file
    Copy the content and PASTE it into your follow-up post

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