Slow Network Speeds

By triggert
Oct 12, 2004
  1. I'm using a hub and have 2 different computers hooked up to it, mine being the server. I don't know what kind of network you would classify it as but I'm using it to ftp files to different computers, hope this makes since. But anyway, whenever I hook the cable directly computer to computer I get transfer speeds of about 9-10mb but whenever I run it through the hub I don't get anything over 1mb. Anyone have any idea why the hub would be slowing things down?

  2. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    Replace it with a 10/100 switch or if you are on broadband, a router with built-in 10/100 switch.

    Hubs let through selective traffic from one user at a time, whereas switches let through all traffic simultaneously.

    It also sounds as if you have some slow 10MB NICs. Replace these with 10/100 NICs
  3. Nodsu

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    Your computers most likely have 100Mbit NICS so you get 10MB/s transfer rate both ways. Your hub is most likely 10Mbit so you get 1MB/s transfer rate .

    Replace the hub with a faster one or get a switch as realblackstuff said (ignore the other two lines by him).
  4. triggert

    triggert TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ahhh, thanks. I didn't even realize, just looked up at the hub and its a 10Base-T. I'll have to dig out the other one laying around the house somewhere and see what it is. Thanks again.

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