Slow performance running Need for speed prostreet

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Aug 16, 2008
  1. I'm having a problem of extremely slow performance when I run NFS Prostreet on my Dell XPS m2010. It's not like I'm lacking power because it has 4gb of ram, 2.17 ghz core 2duo processor, and a ATI Mobility RADEON X1800 graphics card. The game runs ok when I'm just browsing around like souping up cars but when I try to race, I probably get 1 or 2 frames per second. I make sure no other open programs are running and I also make sure the antivirus program is off too.
  2. car-man

    car-man TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok maybe I didn't explain this clear enough. I have a fairly advanced gaming computer but I can't run NFS Prostreet with out it running extremely slow and choppy during racing. I even tested this computer on to see if it could handle the game and it exceeds the recomended reqirements! And NFS Prostreet is supposed to be a game that dosen't require that much computer power. Can anybody help me with this?
  3. car-man

    car-man TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Anyone? Am I asking a ridiculous question or something?
  4. Marty9231

    Marty9231 TS Booster Posts: 142

    I am not a great computer guru, but do you have Direct x 9.0c?

    just a suggestion ;) because a part is Direct3D, without it, it would probably run heavy 3d games slow :D
  5. leadpill

    leadpill TS Rookie

    Like the above said, try to get directx 9 if you don't have it. Also update your software, and make the settings to lowest, or recommended ( if available), and see how much you can raise the settings while still keeping a decent fps.
  6. car-man

    car-man TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes I have directx 9, reinstalled it and I even updated my graphics card drivers but that didn't work. I also tried the game on the lowest settings and that didn't make much difference either.
  7. Asad Ali

    Asad Ali TS Rookie

    i think that u have drivers problem u have great pc but i have no idea why the game is doing this u can download latest driver of u board and vga
    For your problem i run the game on 7600gs card with 512 mb ram and intel 1.2gh it run at 15-20 frame rates .so i think u may updates all of your drivers.... thanks
    i have nvidia p6n platinum mother borad and intel core 2 due e6550 and 2 gb ram and msi 8800gt card here the frame rate goes to about 40-45 so its
  8. Darth_Terra1

    Darth_Terra1 TS Rookie Posts: 212

    Laptop Versions of the Radeon X1800 are not supported but may work, basically your lucky it runs, you could try updating the drivers to the latest version if you haven't already, it may give a little more but not much.
  9. Chronos

    Chronos TS Rookie

    gonna get my new nvidea 9600 today
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