SO tired of fighting with all these privacy blocking AddOns, Firefox

By macx
Nov 21, 2015
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  1. I try to be safe, but with things like No Script which I just re-added I can't even open my own photos on Photobucket when I copy the link, close it, and then put the link in the address bar. Then I have to go into blocked items and when I temporarily allow a certain thing the photo will come up. Then when I permanently allow that thing, it won't work again.

    And since before I re-installed NoScript, I haven't been able to make the link boxes work on PhotoBucket. They show up but they won't work. That just started recently. And I haven't changed anything or added anything from when that was working. Maybe something with an updated FireFox or something?

    l have done a lot of looking and have found other people with the same problem. One at a time, I disabled all my security and privacy extensions and add-ons but nothing helped with that.

    I have Win 7 Home Premium and the current Firefox.

    There's other things I can't open, either, like the Weather Channel video clips.

    Aren't there any privacy and security apps that don't cause all these problems?

    Getting awfully frustrating!

    Thanks for any help, esp with the WeatherChannel video clips and Photobucket.


    Someone on another forum told me this:

    Just do a refresh of firefox, you won't lose bookmarks etc

    then run speedfox

    IT WORKED !!! After a number of frustrating hours trying many other things.
    It took awhile for my existing AddOns to show back up and I had to reset my
    home page and turn on the bookmarks toolbar.

    But for the first time EVER I'm now able to watch Weather Channel video clips
    and the PhotoBucket links work again !!

    And I didn't have to disable AdBlock or Plus either.
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