Software developer outsources his job to China, makes good money goofing off all day

By Jos ยท 31 replies
Jan 16, 2013
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  1. Moheban79

    Moheban79 TS Rookie

    I once heard of a guy that was a medical organ courier that out-sourced his job to someone else for a 1/5th of the pay. He got busted when they discovered he wasn't of a darker skinned racial minority!
  2. How is that a scam ? Guy was paid to get some work done and from what I understand he did all that and then some - hardly a scam. Security and possibly NDA violation, sure, but not a scam.
  3. Chemicalist

    Chemicalist TS Rookie

    You still have to pick carefully wherever you are. There are loads of talented Indian developers, for sure, but there are also a lot who love them some spaghetti code.
  4. LNCPapa

    LNCPapa TS Special Forces Posts: 4,276   +461

    Sarcasm fail? or did I read too much into that?
  5. Hi, the biggest problem here will be the fact that he signed confidentiality papers [ Standard for most companies] that said he would not divulge any company information outside the company without consent. he really blew this by sending his Secure login. even if you cannot prove he caused any security breaches [ who knows anyway].

    The fact that he was in breach of contract concerning company information will get him into deep trouble should they decide to sue him. Sharing that secure login will be what really gets him. Also if your not aware, he may have also violated Trade laws [ Export] by giving out the security code.

    Im not sure how this applies to this event but the RSA login key was encrypted and he transported it out of the country [ code] . and if it was a certain strength that is blocked for export: China of all places. Then he can get into trouble there too.

    They can make his life very difficult if they want to be vicious about it.

    But otherwise yeah he got one over on them, but he may have to pay for being a Smart A** .
  6. Wow, it took 29 comments to get to the export trade law violation question?
    *sighs and shakes her head*

    Depending on what technology he "exported", he could face prison time. This may be why there are not more details about the data he was sending. But, what I will do is report back here if there is a settlement agreement (fine and possibly jail time) with Dept of State or Dept of Commerce. Might take a year or so, but I will let you know.
  7. He is in breach of contract I would bet money
    gross misconduct for disclosure of material / something or other
    possible civil suit against him even criminal?? I.e theft
    either way he is gone

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