Software to batch convert video files?

By Timtrash
Sep 17, 2008
  1. Hi, does anyone know of a way to line up a batch of video files to convert to mp4 format to view them on ipod? I currently use Videora to convert avi files to this format but I have to spend a long time selecting every single file individually to convert. With all the steps in that program it can get a bit tedious.

    I wondered if there is a program which alows you to highlight a whole batch of files and either convert the lot or make a converted copy of them, so I can then transfer the lot into itunes. Any advice?
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    Any free suggestion ?

    I need it too.
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    Free Online MP4 Converter 2.0
    The online mp4 converter is a free online mp4 converter service that allows people to convert the popular video formats to mp4 videos within their web browsers. By using it, webmasters, bloggers or anyone creating a web site are able to embed the mp4 converter into their web pages.
    Support input avi (include divx, xvid), asf, flv, mpeg1, mov, wmv, mp4, mp4, 3gp, 3g2 to mp4 format.
    Preview the video before conversion.
    Cut the video by selection range before conversion.

    VCT mp4 converter 1.1
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