Some AVI video files are not "accessiable" after trying a few AVI to DVD converters

By starvista9
Jan 10, 2005
  1. My girlfriend has a few TV show episodes AVI files that she was able to burn to a DVD with out shrinking or converting them. She used AVI converters for other AVI projects and had no problems converting AVI and shrinking in order to fit onto a DVD.

    Now, she is trying to "re-burn" the AVI TV Show episodes, but when she trys she gets an error message that says "C:/My Documents/My Video/TV Show.avi is un-accessiable"

    She uses Nero and UleadMovie Factory 3 for her burning. Both Nero and Ulead give the same error message. Does anybody know what is cuasing the error message and why is the AVI un-accessiable?

    Thanks in advance
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