Some good tips to prevent vision loss?

By Condor
Apr 29, 2008
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  1. hey

    I wanna know any good tips to prevent vision lost? like playing video games or browsing the web to long would cause your vision to lost it clarity ? Any suggestion that would help me not wearing a glass in the future? = D
  2. CMH

    CMH TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,039   +9

    There's no real scientific evidence to prove that playing video games, or browsing the web too long, or reading in the dark even, would cause you to actually lose your vision, or clarity.

    If there is, I'd love to see some references :D

    BTW, here's a link to alot of myths related to vision....

    Sorry, but I can't really link anything from subscriber only medical databases, but I'm still interested if anyone finds any article which shows deterioration of vision from using computers/TV/books, etc.

  3. Condor

    Condor TS Maniac Topic Starter Posts: 388

    hey ty for the deeper insight on the vision myth =]

    Heres the thing i worry, before my vision was 20/20 now i see blurry objects from afar ^.^;

    bad! :/
  4. mopar man

    mopar man TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 1,379

    Well, as far as I know you can lose vision over time. The old myth of being too close to the TV is actually true for the first generation of TV's. They emitted something that caused to to lose your eyesight.

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