Some Psu questions

Hey folks, I'm eyeing some deals for gpu's (EU market) since it's high time to replace my rx 580. There seams to be some deals to be had for like 6800 xt's and even some 6950xt's for etc etc.

Now my current Psu is some XFX 750w one but it's also closing in on like 8 years since I took that from my last pc. I can't say I'm comfortable buying a new gpu and just continue to run it like that. So I'm considering getting a new psu that would service the needs of this gpu and the next complete new system in some 3 years time.

The issues I'm having is should I be looking and these Atx 3,0/Pcie gen 5 smart psu's and pay up to 50-100€ mark up on them or should I just focus on getting a quality last gen psu and it will be just fine for the next pc build in some 3 years as well.