Some RTX 4090 graphics cards recommend a beefier PSU than Nvidia's guidance


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FWIW, I have an ancient 40" "ProScan" TV with a CCFL back light. The sticker on the back lists it at 200 watts..The little sucker is bright as hell, clocking in at 450 nits. .As a bedroom backup from 5' away, it's pretty intense.

If all else fails in your pursuit of FPS superiority, buy a bigger air conditioner*. (You will, of course, have to pull a separate line for it).

* This sentence is, as you may or may not know, a takeoff on the old mechanic's adage, "don't force anything, get a bigger hammer". :rolleyes:
I believe it is the furnace blower but I dropped the thermostat so they couldn't troubleshoot. I'm cheap and looking at a 4090 so I ordered a replacement screen from China...