some trouble with a ATI 9800pro

By warriorsquirle
May 26, 2005
  1. hey guys i got a prob with a ATI-9800pro-all-in-wonder. it's getten REALLY hot all the time. i have 2 case fans on it and i had the side pannel off but that dosn't seem to help. i don't know what the temp is but it's allmost too hot to touch. i don't really wanna go out and buy a fricken water-cooled thing and waist a lotta money. anyone know of a cheap way to go? my psu is a 2.4 celeron that dosn't even get warm i have a 500 wat PS and 1 512 chip of ram and 1 256 chip, 2 cd drives, and 1 80 GIG hard drive the board is a DFI socet 478. thanks guys hope ya can help
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  3. warriorsquirle

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    thanks! i'll try it once i get some money.....hope it works better. and do any of you know if it's worth it to buy into a AMD 64bit? i might get one. right now i have a 2.4 and i was thinking about getting a 3.0 but then the 64's came out and for me to get one i would need to spend around $300-400 and for a 3.0 it would be a lil less than $ what do u guy's think? 64 or 3.0?

    P.S. the 64 i'm looken at is clocked at 2.4 in intel speeds.
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