Sony celebrates PlayStation's 20th anniversary with a limited edition, retro-themed PS4

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
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Sony Pictures is still reeling from what has been described as the most embarrassing and all-encompassing corporate data hack ever to go public. It's a completely different tone in the gaming division, however, as today marks the 20th anniversary of...

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TS Addict
With the going rate of 1tb HDs I'm not sure how it makes that much of a difference. now tell me it comes with a 1tb SSD drive and that the software has been tweaked to take full advantage of it, then I would say sweet.

Jam Jack

TS Rookie
I understand why people want Sony to provide a larger hard drive when you can easily remove and replace the current hard drive for one of your own choosing. You could even put an SSD in it if you wanted. I think pace wise you are limited to a 9.55mm drive but regardless.