Sony confirms PlayStation 4 successor is in the works

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President of Sony Kenichiro Yoshida has confirmed that the next generation of PlayStation consoles is under development. If history is anything to go by, it would be logical to infer that a PlayStation 5 is coming.

During an interview with the Financial Times, Yoshida was asked how Sony is going to tap into the $70 billion mobile gaming market. As esports also continue to grow, Sony has some ground to make up there as well given that the PS4 is hardly a serious contender for competitive gaming compared to other platforms.

In response, Yoshida said, "At this point, what I can say is it’s necessary to have a next-generation hardware." It makes sense why he declines to use an official name for an unannounced console, but it does leave the question of whether Sony is going to put out a portable console or a more traditional iteration.

Sony is no stranger to mobile gaming having reasonable success with the PSP and PS Vita. Now that these devices have gone by the wayside and there are newer toys available from the competition, Sony just might get back into mobile gaming with a proper portable device.

Previous rumors have pointed to Sony building a tablet that could connect to multiple devices for game streaming and also integrating in Sony's movie division. This could also be Sony's push to get into mobile gaming instead of a true portable console.

Considering that the PlayStation 4 has been highly successful for Sony, my own predication is that a PlayStation 5 will arrive as a direct replacement to the PS4 and PS4 Pro. There also may be additional offerings coming from Sony, but the captive audience that Sony already has should be attended to before beginning new ventures.

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I am wondering if Sony might try and make a hybrid console like the Nintendo switch.
Hope the controllers are better quality this time. Still can't play on PS4 as there is no controller for it, both sony controllers broke at under 500h play time and nacon had horrible cable system that disconnected constantly. I used xbone controller with chronus max but even that had connection issues.

Just saying the console will be useless if there's no way to interact with it. The PS4 controllers design was good, it just lacked any durability/quality.

Also haven't played any sony exclusives in years, if everything will be crossplay from now on there's no real reason to buy any console anymore. PC is best and PC players will win every time and the games are cheaper. Microsoft will just stop making consoles soon as they made sony already loose the battle and they dominate PC market. If their SJW terrorist attack on linux succeeds microsoft will have no competition. Sony should team up with steam and focus on linux if they want to survive.


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Hope the controllers are better quality this time. Still can't play on PS4 as there is no controller for it, both sony controllers broke at under 500h play time...
If your controllers are breaking like that, then most likely you are not taking care of them.
I've had one of my controllers since 2014 and it still looks like it came out of the box just yesterday. No breaks, no cracks, not functionality issues. The only times I've seen these controllers break are when people are throwing them around.


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Sony's portable gaming systems arguably had more success in the hacking/modding community rather than normal sales outright. At least outside of Japan. I remember having a hacked PSP when I was deployed and I loved it. I never cared for the PSP before it was easy to mod one. The same went for my Vita a few years later.