Sony culls Wipeout creators Studio Liverpool after 28-year run


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The game development team at Studio Liverpool, one of Europe's longest-running game studios was closed by its parent company Sony yesterday, without any prior warning and in the process cancelling all games in production. Among them were two rumored titles due……

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That's a bummer. I remember when Psygnosis put out some of the best games around, especially for the Amiga.


Wait, what the hell? Bolt from the blue, Sony, and not a good one.


The last game I played of theirs was Formula One Championship Edition and maybe a few of their other titles,so no loss for me.


+not going to miss someone said good games for amiga along time ago but wipeout? ive got it but only because was free from when psn was down and even then ive played it maybe twice for 10mins they definitely need to do better than wipeout for its first released games for the ps4, and why have so many different studios can they not link them all for joint venture surely if the talent and equipment is there they might as well use it....or maybe there isn't thats why there closing it.


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Wipeout was one of the first games I played on the playstation one.. such a fantastic well made game! Many fond memories.