Sony Inzone M9 Review: 4K HDR Gaming


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Any chance to see DisplayPort 2.0 products sometime this century? FFS!

I'm not willing to invest any more money into DP 1.4 products.


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It is good, but I'd rather go for Alienware 34 oled screen at this moment. There is such large advantage of oleds over ipps or va that I'm very surprised this is not as popular as expected for PC monitors.


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"It would be more accurate to describe this as a 5ms monitor." As is with ALL these monitors that use the AU Optronics IPS panels. Literatlly none of them are better than about 5ms without an unusuable amount of overshoot yet false advertising is across the whole industry.

Hopefully the new VESA gaming standard will finally address this. The only technology that than can do 1ms is OLED.