Sony SATA DVD AW-Q160S Problems

By newbie123
Mar 17, 2007
  1. I have a Sony AW-Q160S Sata Dvd writer in my Dell box I got through my work. Yesterday I was burning data cd's and dvd's with no problem so when I got a break from my work I decided to make a copy of a cd for my girlfriend. Everything went well until I tried to play it in the car. Nothing but weird bursts of sound. When I got back to my desk I tried everything from Nero to Roxio and even Media Palyer 11 all with the same results. As a test I made sure my laptop was at the same settings, burned a disk, and it worked fine. It seems like this Sony drive does not want to make audio cd's. The wierd thing is that the files that it burns all look good and they will play back if using that drive, but the disk will not play anywhere else. I called Dell and the tech I talked to was as helpful as a smashed bannana sandwich so I thought I would give this a try.
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    I don't know if I have an answer but if the CD burned by the Sony doesn't work in the laptop, does the laptop burned CD work in the Sony? Is this a straight ISO copy, no formatting involved?
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    there were a couple of different cds i burned with the sony. the first was a compliation of music files and the second was a straight copy of a music cd. the sony burned disk will play in any computer, but not in a regular cd player. the copies i burned with my laptop using the same programs, etc, will play anywhere. the problem is that any music cd made with the sony drive will only play in a computer whereas every other cd i have made not using the sony drive will play anywhere. i have never heard of a problem like this before.
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