Sony shares sneak peek of Gran Turismo movie, and its car project with Honda

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In brief: Sony during its CES 2023 press conference shared a sneak peek of its upcoming film based on the Gran Turismo franchise, and previewed a concept car called Afeela that it is building in collaboration with Honda.

Gran Turismo is based on the true story of a Gran Turismo player named Jann Mardenborough, who won a series of gaming competitions organized by Sony Computer Entertainment and Nissan to become a professional race car driver.

The movie is directed by Neill Blomkamp and stars David Harbour, Orlando Bloom and Darren Barnet. It also features Emelia Hartford, a well-known content creator in the automotive world with an impressive social media following. Her latest project involved creating the world's first twin turbo 2023 Corvette Z06.

Blomkamp spoke about using Sony's Venice 2 camera with its detachable Rialto sensors inside Le Mans prototype cars. These vehicles feature extremely small cockpits that would not accommodate a standard IMAX-resolution camera, but they were able to get the shots needed using Sony's tech. The cameras also helped the production team capture the unique look and feel of the game, like the third-person POV angle from behind cars.

The teaser does indeed look and feel like a CGI cut scene taken directly from the series. With any luck, this could be one of the better game-to-film adaptations yet. The only other racing-based game-to-movie I can think of is Need for Speed, which wasn't all that hot. Look for it to hit theaters worldwide on August 11.

In related news, Sony also introduced the electric car brand it is creating with Honda. It's called Afeela, and the prototype very much fits into that category. It looks a lot like a cross between a Lucid Air and a Porsche. There is still a lot we don't know about Sony and Honda's first vehicle, but Sony did share that it'll be loaded with a total of 45 sensors and cameras.

Sony said it anticipates accepting pre-orders in the first half of 2025 and will deliver the first shipments to buyers in North America in the spring of 2026.

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That preview reeks of PlayStation product placement from beginning to end.

Just because the movie has racing cars it shouldn't have to be as cheesy and gimmicky as the actual game.... vibrating body sounds??!.... really???... was that one of Jim Ryan's suggestions to be included in the movie!???... because it sure sounds like something he would demand.