Sony surprises all with quarterly profit thanks to Spider-Man, PS4

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
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Strong sales of the PlayStation 4 and a solid performance at the box office led Sony to post quarterly results that have everyone surprised. The electronics and entertainment company reported revenue of $17.9 billion, up nearly six percent year-over-year, resulting...

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I haven't watched the movie (due to lack of available time), but I was and still am hyped, so that most be the explanation for the rest of the people. About the mobile division... I own a Z2 since may, I'm disappointed and wouldn't buy a high-end Xperia again.


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Fun fact: Sony makes much of its money from providing financial services. The video game console division is a drop in the bucket by comparison.


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Microsoft has yet to recover froms it's hamfisted rollout of Xbox One. Shame because I play it more than I play my PS4 at the moment.


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The CEO Kaz Hirai was probably so relieved to hear the news. For the past 2 years the entire company has been under constant worry of going completely bankrupt.


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$17.9 billion in revenue is just $261 million in profit?
Eletronics does not make the amount of money they used back in the early 2000's. Also you should consider that Sony is not making profit in many divisions, like cell phone and TV's. Still they need to pay advertises. In all Sony is going strong where it needs to.
The same can't be said about Microsoft in gaming division. Xbox One is a huge failure. So is Bing. Those two make a bad name for Microsoft. Emphasis on Bing. Microsoft needs to change strategy where it can. Xbox without Kinect was a start, but now they need to start bundling.