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By Relativity
Aug 31, 2015
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  1. Recently I have receiving some alarmingly sophisticated spam emails which surpass anything I have ever received before. They have identically duplicated the email structure/font/etc. of the true companies without the usual spelling mistakes and stupid subjects that usually indicate spam emails. The purpose of the emails is becoming much more believable too - such as saying that the companies app (which I have) has a new version and I can download it for iOS or Android from the following link buttons (which are the same buttons that app downloads usually use as the unofficial industry standard).

    The only give away that the emails are spam is the slight alternation to the email domain, but this could so easily fool many people. For example: which is only given away by the "extra" part of the domain, that would not be there if it were from the true company and is often something strange instead. Is there a way to report these sophisticated spam emails? I always report the scams using the in-program report functions, but this escalated level of sophistication leads me to think that I need to bring greater attention to the emails I have been receiving, instead of adding them to the pile of other spam emails. Is there sophisticated spam investigators? Should I inform the companies being mimicked?

    Many thanks in advance.
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