Sophos: Apple secretly updates anti-malware tool

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Apple doesn't want to be associated with the same kinds of viruses and other forms of malware that have plagued Windows users for years, but as their computers continue to gain popularity it's clear that Mac OS X is not immune to attacks. The company already introduced a little-known rudimentary antimalware tool with the release of Snow Leopard last August, and now they've reportedly have issued a 'stealth' update against a backdoor Trojan known to Apple as HellRTS.

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Gotta love the ninja security updates... "Quick, throw a sloppy half-assed bandaid on these security issues before anybody finds out and screws up our ability to boast about being more secure than Windows!" At least Microsoft just owns up, releases the details AND a proper comprehensive patch (when possible) and moves on.

Sometimes the Apple mentality just boggles my mind. Then I think about all of the sheep that actually buy into it, and it just grabs my faith in humanity and kicks it squarely in the crotch... With a pointy-toed shoe... Repeatedly... Well, you get the drift.


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HA! Take that ya Macheads! "Oh, mac is so perfect in every way that you can't even possibly imagine."

Right, at least Microsoft doesn't cover up the fact that it's vulnerable

~Microsoft: "Oh crap, there's a whole in the security system here. Thanks for letting us know, we'll get right on it...ok here's a fix. Let's see how this works....another hole? No problem, we'll get right on it and let ya know when it's done..."

~Apple: "I'm sorry sir, but it must just be a bug in the system (since nothing ever seems to be Apples fault). Please reinstall your operating system...crap guys, this guy just got a virus, let's try to get this thing patched tonight before anyone else finds out! We can't have people knowing Mac has viruses and other stuff as well, it'll ruin our image. Screw the consumers, we have a perfect image to keep up. These retards will only keep paying for our ridiculous and outrages prices if we continue to look perfect."

Now...when will the Mac-heads come in and start tripping over themselves to defend Hitler and his Nazis...oops, I meant Jobs and his crew :p


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Apple's veil of 'secrecy' and 'illogical rigidity' about their platform was what made me get rid of my only mac machine many many years ago; and they haven't changed much ever since, so it is not that much of a surprise for me that they are at it again.

Well at least Hitler gave us Hitler mobile ....... I mean just think about the amount of metal between you and the tree you'll eventually hit one day. ;)


To be fair, they reap they benefits and cons of their success, and that means more scrutiny by would-be virtual cons.

If Hanna Montana Linux took 90% desktop share, I'm sure there would be malware targeting that too,

Even linux isn't immune anymore, look at that malware found in a linux screensaver:

The point is that now matter how "secure" the OS is, there is no protecting against social-engineered attacks. Only good common sense and a good backup program can help.

As they say, "the price of freedom is eternal vigilance"


And the point of antimalware/antivirus is that it helps protect you you can't even detect or know it IS a virus.

That's the thing, we can download from cnet or filehippo and think we're safe, but if the download server itself is compromised, then it's not like the program will be so obvious about it.

I'd rather have antivirus/antimalware and not need it, then not have it and find out later I was infected.
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