Sorry I've not been around for a wee bit

By Phantasm66
Jul 14, 2007
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  1. Hi chaps! (and ladies!)

    Sorry I've not posted in a few weeks or been there to greet newcomers (hello to you if you have just joined!) but I just started a new job.

    I'm working for a smallish software house supporting their content management software system. Its all pretty interesting but sadly they lack good UNIX knowledge and infrastructure - but don't worry I am sorting all that out, making them turn to the dark side!

    In the meantime I've been working on improving my Java and learning more about content management. I'm also writing some apps in Perl and Java - the Java one uses some Open Source code and I plan on publically releasing it once its finished. Its a tool that I think that system administrators will find very useful, and I don't think that anyone has thought up this idea sofar - at least not in the way I plan to do it. I'm starting to wind the Perl stuff up and move myself more fully into Java. The Java app I am writing will be designed from the ground up to be as Mac and Linux friendly as it is with Windows.

    I finished off my storage server too. Its got 4 x 500GB SATA HDD in RAID 1 - that's two arrays of RAID 1. I was gonna use RAID 5 but then I reckoned that would not help me when I had a controller failure, so I am using two RAID 1 volumes until I get some kind of SAN or something, then I'll move to RAID 5 to get 1.5TB of space. Believe me, the 1TB of current space is already almost full, what with the TV show and movie collections - the TV shows themselves account for around 400GB of space.

    I hope everyone here is doing well and enjoying their computing as much as I know I am.

    Best always,


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