sound blaster X-fi Fatal1ty

By ottocruyt
Mar 10, 2006
  1. hello,

    i just built my killer-gaming-pc by my own and everything works except from (what do you think, it would all go well the first time?) the sound card.
    i have a sound blaster X-fi Fatal1ty.
    when i try to install it there comes the BSoD with error like this:
    (i have already tried to disable the x-fi and then it is possible to install the drivers without error, but as soon as you enable it: BSoD)

    now: i have read somewhere it might be the pci-e slot and i should try to change the card to another one, but i only have 2 pci-e slots
    (mobo= a8n-vm csm, you know there are more just tell my, i can't find them- the slots)
    and the 1st is filled with my videocard so i can't change the soundcard to another slot.

    is there another way to clear this problem?
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