sound card works with computer speakers, but not a reciever?!?

By aim9510
Aug 27, 2005
  1. I bought a Philips Ultimate Edge 5.1 sound card a while ago to take advantage of my 5.1 100 watt computer speakers, and it worked great... now i sold my speakers and bought an Onkyo HTS580 (it's a receiver and speaker set that people use for home theaters), and i bought digital coaxial audio cable to connect the S/pdif output on the card to the Digital Coaxial input on the reciever... i made sure to enable the s/pdif output on the sound card, yet i'm not getting any sound out of my speakers.

    i thought i read somewhere that the Philips Ultimate Edge sound card is missing some kind of "patch cable for the s/pdif" or something like that, so i want to know if there is anyting that i need to buy to make sure that the S/pdif out on the sound card works, or if i need to buy another sound card or what... I NEED HELP/IDEAS, PLEASE!!!

    Mauricio Araya
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