Sound device not working, even with speakers plugged in and turned on

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Jul 11, 2009
  1. I recently bought a computer. I think it was built in 2005 or so, and I am sure it has integrated graphics, as it has the 3 jacks in the rear. I opened the device manager to turn up the volume on the computer, but it tells me that there is no device installed.

    I do not know who the sound card manufacturer is, as the computer is an assembled computer.

    I dont know that either.... I already said its an assembled computer. There is no specific computer manufacturer who made it.
  2. Tmagic650

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    "I do not know who the sound card manufacturer is, as the computer is an assembled computer"...

    So what is the computer's make and model?
  3. sockmuncher

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    take the tower cover off and have a look. its really not as scary as it seems to be.

    just make sure to not unplug anything. look for cards. there should be 2 or 3 short long ones, memory i think. then really all that i can think of for a basic machine is the dialup modem if you use that (very easy to spot), a motherboard and a sound card unless your sound device is built on to the motherboard..
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    The best thing for you to do would be to find out what kind of motherboard is in your computer. Doing this will tell us if you have an integrated sound card or not, and then lead us to what driver your need which will probobly fix your problem.

    BTW: Integrated graphics cards usually don't have 3 ports on the back of the case. Integrated is usually just one VGA port, then when a graphics card is added, there may be another VGA or DVI port added.
  5. priviledge

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    was deleting old files from my drive C and boom my Sound also mistakenly disappeared and l am seeking help for my sound system to be back
  6. InsaneVr6

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    Like I said. Every peripheral that you use (video, sound, CD, mouse, etc) is all controlled by a driver. When you go around deleting things from your computer there is always a chance that you deleted necessary files that the driver need to work or everything at once.

    Go to your computer manufacturer's website and get the sound driver for your model. Since yours seems to be custom built, find out what sound card is inside. If there is no external sound card, find the motherboard sound drivers. If you have a Dell, HP, etc, go to their website, find your computer model, and away you go.

    After they install a simple restart should give you sound.
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