Sound died while working, screen went black

By citybilly
Oct 15, 2010
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  1. Hi I am working on a PC 33 days ago I replaced the motherboard RAM and CPU in a PC the CPU is a AMD Athlon II X2 245 Regor 2.5GHz Socket AM# CPU I put in 1 G-Skil 2GB DDR2 800 RAM and a gigabyte GA-68M- S2P Micro ATX Motherboard It has a Antec SP-500 Smart Power 2.0 with a 20+4 Main connector. The power supply is 5 years old but I tested it with one those thermal take testers with the lights and it tested fine Here is the problem the person was playing solitaire and the sound quit she kept playing and then all of sudden the screen went black and it wouldn't shut down and she had to turn it off at the surge protector. Well I had her turn it on again and it wouldnt boot up. But when your turn it off in the back hard a weird sound comes out the speakers not the POST beeps I know those. When you start it there are no POST neeps either.I did not overclock the CPU either thats not my thing My thing is I know this stuff is all under warranty other then the PSU where should I look CPU or mainboard and how do I know for sure this is the first time ive seen a PC die like this. Im trying to be sure the lady is in a wheelchair and since there is alot of down time in going to the manufactor I wanna get it right cause winter is coming and she cant get out and this PC is her only escape any ideas to do a good test
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    Pull out the memory and see if the motherboard emits continuous beeps. If not, the motherboard is bad. While you are at it, try another power supply just to be sure. Does your power supply tester have leds for all voltages?
  3. citybilly

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    It was the power supply I tested it a month ago when I replaced the mobo RAM and CPU and it tested fine. My tester has lights for each voltage. But as soon as I got the PC back I knew as soon as I plugged it in and turned the switch on the PSU you could hear a real high pitch whine type noise coming from the PSU and that was before I hit the button on the front of the tower. I never heard of a PSU going like that all the PC work ive done where you still get fans In my experience it wont power on at all. and its happened at the time you turn the system on not during use it dropped sound then its video. It did cook the onboard sound but I just threw in a sound card I had laying around and all works well. I scanned the HD and all that and it seems ok. Well all is fixed I just figured Id share since it had me stump at first just in case somebody is having the same problem

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