Sound problem

By x_rach_x
Jul 28, 2005
  1. recently my computer's been running really slowly and i asked a friend to have a look at it. i changed various things and most of them worked. i then discovered that i had 5 codecs installed on my computer and was told that this was slowing it down alot, that i didnt need all of them. i was given the setup file for a codec and was told to install it. during the installation process it recommended i uninstall all other codecs and this i did. after successfully installing this codec i restarted my computer and found that i could hear no sound and wasnt able to stream any video including my webcam. deciding the codec i'd just installed was the cause of this problem i then proceeded to uninstall it, and then download and reinstall each codec i'd previously used. after some time i achieved this and i can now successfully use my webcam but still get no sound. at one point in Sounds and Audio Devices it was listed that i had no audio devie, this changed after i'd installed all of the codecs but i still get no sound. my speakers work properly as i've tried them on another computer and made sure the sound is not muted in any way and that all settings are correct.
    having gotten very fed up with this i decided to try installing the newer codec in addition to my original ones. this didnt affect my webcam and nothing changed. i uninstalled it again and had to restart my computer in safe mode for an unknown reason. having done this i decided to restore my system to a date 1 day previous to any of the events i've described in the hope that this would help. my sound device is now listed to be the same as it was originally and my webcam still works but i still get no sound. it appears to be playing, on WMP and everything else i can think to try, and my speakers still work but i get no sound. please can someone help! it would be greatly appreciated although if you could do so using simple terms i might find it a little easier, all other help offered has been useless because i was unable to understand.
    thanks in advance, Rachel. x
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