Sound Skips, Scratches, Jumps,whatever you wanna call it, its Messed up and Im lost.

By Adeptus
May 4, 2006
  1. A few days ago this started happening and I havent the slightest clue why, when i'd login to windows , the chime noise scratches in random places, when i play a songs (off my hard drive) in wmp or winamp or any other player, every second it sounds like theres a scratch or something but then sometimes it will not. Its kind of like the sound a record player makes when it hits the end of an album, or the sound you would only expect to hear if the volume is maxed out on the speakers or like the processing power is being denied. Also, when im playing a game ie Doom3, HL2,Bf2, Painkiller etc etc or if I'm watching a movie, the fmv's are out of sync and also making this problem as well as some other very anoying sound curruptions like the fmv will finish 3secs ahead of the audio.

    Now, I'v done probably just about anything you could thing of to fix this, reinstalled Directx, adjusted acceleration from max, to nothing and anywhere inbetween, reinstalled and updated my sound drivers,tried new codecs, to scanning for viruses/malware. I even took out my sound card and enabled onbord sound, updated these drivers as well and yet Im still getting this problem. ::Bangs Head on Desk::

    If thers anything the experts can think of that check this, plz let me know gaming, music and movies are just not the same w/ this insanity. im all ears at this point.

    My system is:
    Mobo: Asus p5vd1-x
    Processor: Intell P4 prescott 3ghz HT
    OS: Windows XP-Sp1
    Ram: 1gig (2x512) cas2 Mushkin 4300
    Nvidia 6600gt 128mb
    HD1=C drive:> 80gig +windows installation
    HD2= 250gig> mostly for games,music, movies etc.

    Onbord soundcard: SoundMax 97'audio
    Currently Uninstalled Soundcard (till i figure out this problem): Creative SB Live! surround.

    ~~~A very Stressed Person
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