Audio Sound stops working at random period of time

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Okay, this is a very odd problem.

What happens exactly is that at what seems a random point of time, usually long after the computer's been turned on though, a very loud buzzing and static-y sound will start playing from my speakers (or headphones if they're plugged in). This goes on for about 5 seconds, and then all audio cuts. Oddly enough, if I even try to play a sound (say I press Play on a song in Winamp) it won't even play the song at all, almost as though it knows the sound won't work. If I let a video play, there's a big lag time before it starts, and then it plays, but without sound.

If I wait long enough, usually about 5 minutes, the sound comes back. I at first thought it might be my speakers, considering they're almost 6 years old, but when I noticed this would happen to my headphones too, I figured it was the sound card. My sound card is a Creative SB X-Fi.

Any other information that you need, please just tell me. I hope this problem isn't as odd and uncommon as I think it is =P

All help is greatly appreciated! Thanks.


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What are your complete system specs? Have you tried updating the sound card drivers directly from Creative's support site?
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Yes, the drivers for the sound card are fully up to date.

My system specs:
Dell XPS 730
Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40 GHz
Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit)
4 GB RAM (Vista reads 2.301 GB)
688 GB NTFS Hard Disk
ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 (with CrossFireX)
Creative SB X-Fi Sound card
I've got the exact same problem. Annoying as hell >_>
And i got a XPS 420 :eek:
To make it working again i have to go into sound options and click on my speakers and then play a test tone in studio quality instead of my normal one. Then i get a warning message that this unit is already being used but if i continue anyway the sound gets back. Although i sometimes have to restart the programs to get back the sound for them after i done that fix.

Would also love to know a fix for this :)


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Make sure that your system is free from viruses and other malware, and don't tell us you are using McAfee or Symantec :( Download and install free Malwarebytes and scan your system. You might be shocked at what you discover
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