Sound system restarted my computer!?!?! PLZ HELP

By XxLairdxX
Jul 4, 2006
  1. A few months ago i got Oblivion. I was playing it and randomly my computer restarted about 45 minutes into the game. Of course a message saying Microsoft has recovered a serious error message comes up. I send the errror report and a page comes up. PROBLEM: UNKNOWN FIXABLE:NO STEPS TO TAKE:If this problem reoccurs please send the error report again and microsoft. It happened again i sent it, same thing this happened 4 times. I decided it was bad for my computer so i stoped playing oblivion (seemed it would only happen for that game).

    As some of you may know a game called titans quest recently came out. Un aware of whether my computer coulld handle it without restarting i got the free demo first and what a surprise my computer restarts. Of course the message come up again and i am sceptical of whether i should even send but i do.

    They actually found the problem YAY it's Realtek Audio. They say go to microsoft updates and find it but it is not there. i go to the realtech website and i am still searcing. It all very confusing giant groups of letters and numbers side by side with no spacing. I get used to it try to read it and i cant find mine anywhere. I decide to check which version i have (ALC860) i type it in at the websites serch terminal and nothing comes up.I am currently searching across the web, i found two that looked right but the downlaod would stop about 256 kb into the download. So plz help me find an update or aomewayy to fix my computer so i can back to the games i love.

    BTW I love the site and look forward to helping other members with problems i may know how to fix. Also sry for such a long post.
  2. fastco

    fastco TS Booster Posts: 1,123

    Uninstall your audio drivers/devices. Go here
    and download the driver files and reinstall them. If you have a problem downloading them, shut off your firewall program if you have one.
  3. XxLairdxX

    XxLairdxX TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 33

    I was in add/remove programs and i clicked remove/change and i automatically uninstalled and went to my recycle bin. i downloaded the program from the link you said and installed it. Now i got no sound and i cant find out where the program went that you gave me.
  4. iss

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    Also make sure that you download and install the Oblivion patch released a few weeks ago which resolves many issues. As far as titan quest goes, reports are that it is EXTREMELY buggy and a patch is anticipated within the next week or so.
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