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Jun 10, 2003
  1. Hi I have a compaq presario 5000 with an on-board SoundMAX audio device. The problem is when I attempt to update the drivers, it installs them and everything, but when I restart the computer it says "No ADI codec driver is installed" and no sound, and the audio device (in device manager) is still not working properly. Any ideas of how to fix this, or where to get the ADI codec driver?
  2. LiveWire31

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    I'm having the same problem man. Same computer too. I hope somebody answers this thread.
  3. Greeno

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    Intel's website, all their boards use

    Analog Technologies SoundMAX Audio
  4. Greeno

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  5. LiveWire31

    LiveWire31 TS Rookie

    I already got it. I deleted soundmax then I redownloaded it at You will have to type compaq presario 5000 in the search area and look for audio it should be the very first one. Then download it and that should do it.
  6. tripleione

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    Try fully removing the sound drivers in Windows. First remove the SoundMAX drivers/software via Windows "Add/Remove Programs" applet in the control panel, and then remove your sound card from the device manager.

    Restart your computer. After it restarts, it should give you a message about finding new hardware. Click cancel until you get to the desktop and then install the sound drivers. Restart again.

    Here are the appropriate drivers for your soundcard, if you need them:

    ESS Audio Driver:

    SoundMAX ADI Driver:
  7. K3vY

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    I tried your steps but seems like it says "Drive not found! Please reboot and run this setup again" =(
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