soyo kt400 beeping

By hawks66
Oct 20, 2004
  1. my brother tried to change his cpu fan from a stock one to a "cooler master jet 7" fan. When he started his computer back up it started beeping at him. Thinking that the connection wasent secure and that the mobo might not have seen the fan and gotten upset he tried to secure the connection. Still no dice.

    So he tried putting the stock fan back in, however the comptuer is still beeping. He tried flashing the bios but still no luck. the computer runs fine it just beeps at him constantly and he cant handle it. His mobo manual doesnt list codes for beeps or anything. has anyone seen this problem before?
  2. Didou

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    Tell him to enter the BIOS before the POST (it's done by either hitting the DEL key or the F2 key) & to look in the Hardware Monitoring area.

    Maybe his CPU is overheating due to a bad contact between his CPU & the heatsink or maybe his motherboard isn't detecting the Fan's RPM level & sets off an alarm as if there wasn't a fan installed.

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