SP2 uninstall caused browsers to stop working; Still have net connectivity

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In a misguided quest to get some older programs working, I uninstalled service pack 2. Immediately following the uninstall, Internet Explorer and Firefox stopped working. IE gives DNS, action canceled, and page can not be displayed errors. Firefox just gives timeouts or stays at a white screen.

I have all other connectivity, chat services, ping, ftp all work fine. Also, oddly enough, I have net access through windows explorer, albeit any kind of popup won't work with it as it tries to open them in IE.

I reinstalled SP2 hoping that would fix the problem, but no such luck.

Any ideas you have on fixing this would be greatly appreciated.


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sounds like the removal of IE updates (done along with SP2 install) has corrupted your winsock.


You should backup your system using something like Drive Image or Norton Ghost before doing major brain surgery to your box like a service pack install.
Thank you kindly for the prompt response. Reseting the catalog worked wonderfully. I made a backup of the lsps and tried putting it back in after the reset just to make sure, and that was definitely the problem.

Are there any ramifications from reseting the catalog that I need to be aware of, and if so, any steps I can take to counter them?
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