SpaceX stops Ukraine from using Starlink service to control drones

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1. Are you saying Ukrainians are similar to Western Europeans?
Answer: Ukrainians and Western Europeans are as different as night and day.

2. Is Ukraine winning the war?
Answer: No it is not.
1. Are you even going to explain where the hell that question came from?

2. Am I saying Ukraine is winning? Well, I am saying that they are much better in this war.
Draw your own conclusions. That's what you are going to do anyway.

And Putie may just be the worst wartime "leader" the world has seen.
I know you admire him, but facts are facts.


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But the right to leave it is inviolable for the free world.
Rich people can leave places and set up new homes.

Poor people don't have the 'right to leave' anywhere. They don't have the resources to be wanted, let alone the resources to set up housekeeping in something coming close to comfort.
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