Speakers slitching(kinda) problem.Assistance needed

By loodackum
Nov 1, 2005
  1. Hi 2all
    How are you doing fellas?
    I have this problem with my speakers... I bought a new computer and there is a soundcard attached to the motherboard... I’m not really sure what is the soundcard model-sorry about that (although you can see the motherboard model in my signature).
    Speakers model Philips with two little satellites and a sub. I installed all the latest drivers for the motherboard (and soundcard), but when I'm listening something, I hear weird noises and interferences all the time and I was wondering why is that.
    Thanks a lot
    You guys rule :)
  2. vegasgmc

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    Onboard audio can be really problematic. The audio chips tend to pick up alot of electrical interference from other components on the motherboard. IRQ conflicts are also common, especially with the mouse and video card. A sound card would make a worl of difference. You can get a Sound Blaster Live Digital for about $20.
  3. loodackum

    loodackum TS Rookie Topic Starter

    If I buy another Sound card, wouldn't I have an "Audio card conflict" or something like that? :) :) No seriously, is that okay to add another card and to make it as default so that the old (motherboard attached) one wont work? Or how?Thanx a lot...And another problem that i have with one of the games...
    When I start the game I get the blank black screen for a second (like the game is starting) and then it kicks me back to desktop. But on the desktop (in the taskbar) I see the game minimized. Like I manually minimized it … And when I click on it , it does the same stuff as before...Shows me the black screen and then throws me back to desktop… All of this happened when I try to start a game called Silent Hill 4. I don’t like this game a lot so I didn’t try to do a lot to run it. But what hit me was that one of my favorite game is doing the same thing. GTA San Andreas is the game…BUT (  ) when it throws me back to desktop, I click on it for the second time from the taskbar, and the game is suddenly working.  I need some help with this. I asked someone and he told me that the problem might be in resolutions and something that have to do with graphic card … I have all my main comp specs in my signature.
    Thanx a lot in advance for the assistance
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