Speech to text, How to do that?

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Feb 15, 2013
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  1. Where can I get quality digital audio transcription service? I'm looking for quality digital audio transcription services that are professional and affordable. I want them to be able to transcribe any audio formats, MP3, WAV, DSS, WMA, etc.,and be able to upload files by dropping them in a free dropbox. I also want a quick turnaround.

    Thanks In Advance.
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    Ah I didn't think Windows 8 had it.
  4. Allan123

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    Good day to all. I'm having the same prob. I'm just new here and badly need help. Does anybody here knows any software or service where I can transcribe my audio files into text? I have tons of it in different formats and I have no time listening to all of it and transcribe it into words. I'm willing to spend a few bucks for it but better if it will be free.

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    Hi, I think it's asking a lot for a service like this, and all for free too.
    Companies pay a good deal of money for this type of work.
    I am thinking of all the errors that will happen with an automatic system, it needs a skilled person to do this well, and that costs, and takes time.
    There might be some software that will do this, a post has mentioned 'Dragon naturally speaking', but I think that's speech to text, in a live situation, to save using the keyboard, or for those that cannot. Not sure it will work with recordings though.
    Would be pleased to be proved wrong here, it wouldn't be the first time. (!)
  7. St1ckM4n

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    Uh, read post above. Dragon Naturally speaking supports recordings on some (all?) versions.
  8. tipstir

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    I remember the days of the Vox Box you would program the computer in machine language and to have the Computer Talk Back to you.

    Windows 98 SE had Fun Pack which came with Speech to Text Software. Up to 256 words it could handle before it you would get I/O errors or Divide Over Flow.

    I still follow what's available today. AT&T has True Voice Engine online you can type or copy and paste what you want and choice from an array of different True Human Voice to speak what what is type in text mode. Works very well. Comes in hand to use with a program called PhoneTray Free this was available now looks like it gone Paid Pro version. I don't use it anymore since I don't use land-line phone system.

    Phone Tray Free was cool as you could use AT&T True Voice and Make your home Phone answer saying " The number your trying to reach is now longer in service" Cox Communications" The your computer (laptop works better in this case) would simply hang-up the call. Or send certain tones in the phone line using the computer.

    I ran the Phone Tray Free from 2003 to 2012. Long time but works great..

    Today I use for Voice to Text there are so many free choices online you can also get Animate Man or Woman speak back to you in a lot of different languages also. Not only do the Animate the mouth, but eyes wink and facial impression are pronounced by body movements.
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    Gee thanks for the insights, I'm discovering new ways. This discussion surely helps. Hope there are more suggestions to come and to be considered. Thumbs up!!
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    Anything you need just have to ask. I've been at Vox Box (Voice Box) since I was kid. Still have my $300 dollar Talking Computer Box. Custom Made. Phonemic/ phoneme were used back then.

    Computers had a hard time speaking certain complex words so if you added some more detail to the word the Computer could sound out the complex word much better.

    Say the word Shawnda - Shawnddaa

    Today there are still certain words that can't be pronounce correctly by a computer without still using the aid of phonemes.
  11. tipstir

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    This is the online animated one I was telling you about use this link below text to speech with facial expressions:

    Below are some examples have been working on for 30 years now with computer voice
    and Phoneme or sounding close to the correct saying of the word.

    This one below is prime example how complex the word is how it is written and suppose to be said. But the computer can't say it correctly without using the Phoneme letter used shown below also in bold. Using Julie (US)

    Say Hi my name is Letfia - complex :oops:
    Phoneme-Say Hi my name is Letfeia ;)

    Say Hi my name is Fia - complex :oops:
    Phoneme - Say Hi my name is Feia ;)
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    Did you try asking for indian professionals? I know many companies and doctors down here who just gives the project to indian workforce and get the things at death cheap cost :)
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