Split HD problem

By ronobono
Jul 21, 2011
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  1. Hi..I have a 250gb iomega exteral hd and i have had it as fat32 for while and using for my PS3. Now my computers hd is really small so i split it into 2 parts so that 1 half would be fat and the other NTFS. Now when i did this the part that i made NTFS shows up under my computer fine but the other part is now gone . I had just did this with another hd yesterday and it worked fine and kept all my files on the fat part and just made me a empty NTFS part. For some reason the program i used (EASEUS Partion Manager) show the rest of the HD as unallocated. Also when i plug the drive into my PS3 everything still shows up fine. So im wondering if theres anyway to get the part that had been Fat32 to show back up under the computer without having to wipe it and lose all my data. Thanks
  2. Archean

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    hello, can you take it to some friend's PC and connect your HDD with it, and see whether it works there or not? (assuming you only have one PC at home).

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