Spotify comes to Sonos devices in the US

By Emil
Jul 15, 2011
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  1. Spotify is now available on Sonos devices in the US. Spotify for Sonos allows you to create queues based on Spotify content and play playlists you've created on your desktop.…

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  2. 1 Million to 50 Million Paid Subscribers in 1 year? Somehow I think they will be lucky to get to 5 Million. I mean they are ok but I still think Rhapsody is a better paid service since you can download the music to your computer and Mp3 players. They are the only service that allows that currently that I know of. I have have 3 Sansa Fuze Mp3 players...very cheap..And I can download as much music as I want to those devices...And you can also stream to phones like all the other Spotify..So I think Rhapsody has better service in the Paid area...Now if Spotify is counting their free service then they might be correct.
  3. unrelated but i think a huge factor to them selling premium service is ipod support for offline music. afaik rhapsody doesn't offer this unless you buy the music outright.

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