Sprint introduces Wi-Fi calling, texting to improve service coverage

Shawn Knight

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Sprint on Friday announced a new Wi-Fi calling and messaging service that the carrier claims will improve overall network coverage. The service, which allows subscribers to make voice calls as well as send and receive text messages when not in...

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I need this right now. I need this right now. I need this right now. I need this right now.

No seriously, I've been using a Sprint Airave device that "extends" my service range using GPS and my internal network at home... but this effectively does the same thing via software, and will likely be much more reliable than the Airave, and it means one less thing physically plugged into my network.

I can't wait for this to land on my HTC One.


So Sprint is doing what Republic Wireless spent the last few years working out how to do on Sprint's network? How is this news if others do it using the Sprint network already?


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T-Mobile does this since 2011. Wasn't the great although I can' use T-Mobile in rural areas is the worst part of the service. Only Verizon and AT&T first and second tier communication service works here. But my understanding they all share the same cellular tower network that stands so tall.