Sprint mulling LTE adoption, T-Mobile merger

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Speaking with the Financial Times, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse has expressed interest in adopting LTE technology in the near future, which could lead to a merger with T-Mobile USA. The operators reportedly considered combining forces in 2008, but ultimately determined that their technology roadpaths weren't compatible: Sprint was focused on WiMAX while T-Mobile was eyeing LTE.

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Sound good for me too. I just got out of Tmobile to Sprint, because of sprint 4G Wimax and the HTC Evo with Android. So maybe in the near future the HTC EVO can access Wimax and LTE 4G. Sweet combo when it goes live and even more future proof. I made the right choose in phone carrier.


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This would be cool. We need more things to happen in the market to shake out the stagnation in the services. These telecomes are not developing new services with all the technology and the software... they are not leveraging the phones that they flog with exclusivity. AT&T and the iPhone are the closest to new services like the visual voice mall and the ability to change to an alternate voice mail greeting without erasing the original.

Sprint having WiMax and LTE would give them a great deal of flex and they might be big enough to get chip makers to make dual tech chips so the phones can do both. The future could be brighter if they combine.
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