Sprint plans 4G LTE rollout for 100 cities in "coming months"


TS Evangelist
Although it was the first to offer "4G" under its WiMax service, Sprint has fallen dreadfully behind likes of Verizon, AT&T and others as the industry's collective efforts began to pave the way for nationwide LTE proliferation.

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TS Guru
I must have missed it, but nothing in northern california? Ugh I cant wait for this contract to end so I can switch to Verizon.


TS Special Forces
Wonder if by los Angeles they mean L.A county
Seems unlikely. Why would they mention other cities like Long Beach and Glendale then? Those are two other cities within Los Angeles County.


TS Evangelist
I'm so glad Milwaukee is being neglected for Yauco, Puerto Rico and Gary Indiana. Although to be fair... They need it in Gary, it'll help people forget where they live.