Square to become payment processor for Starbucks

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Aug 8, 2012
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  1. Starbucks, a company known for its forward-thinking nature and $1.95 cups of coffee, has made a deal with credit card processing outfit Square. Square will be providing the popular caffeine-based franchise with its payment processing services while Starbucks invests a…

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  2. "Square's system will allow coffee drinkers to perform store check-ins and pay for items though its mobile app at any distance from the register -- possibly even allowing customers to order without ever waiting in line."

    Why would anyone want to use NFC for payments if this happens? Not me.
  3. I can see a Starbuck's app coming... open the app, it tells you where the nearest branch is, and asks what you want to order, with payment using Paypal, Visa, Square, NFC, etc. As soon as you are in the shop, the payment is confirmed and the barista starts making your coffee. That's gonna save seconds eh ?
  4. RajeGera

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    Big problem with NFC is hardware dependency.Is NFC is compatible with custom based applications,obviously chipped with NFC harware or they have their own applications??Does anyone know about it??
  5. NFC is rfid - radio freq ID - so it is two devices with appropriate/matching hardware and software that talk to each other. It is a general term used for two devices communicating using RF over a short distance. Specific examples in current use are the Octopus card in Hong Kong, the Oyster card in London, a security chip in a car's ignition key, wireless entry smartcards at work, etc. NFC for phones has its own standard and should work with software like Google Wallet. So you'll need to buy an nfc enabled phone and use software on that phone to exploit the nfc system. You decide if that's a good thing.
  6. I think it is a great idea. Anything that speeds up technology integration into our daily routine is cool. I see this turning into checkout-line-less shopping at all stores. Bag your items as you shop; walk through a scanner which totals up your purchase; you swipe your card as you walk through the other side and out the store. No checkouts, no employees, no customer service.. oh, wait. That not a good idea

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