SSD price slump shows no end in sight


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Yet, the SSD expansions for Xbox Series consoles are still overpriced as ****, and there's zero info about when the bullshit exclusivity deal with Seagate will end if it will ever end. I don't buy Seagate. Samsung makes better SSDs.


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Indeed. The amount of salt I take Techspot's proclaimed "price drops" with is less a grain and more like this...
Gee................I read the article and it says Trendforce are saying this, not Techspot. Perhaps instead of salt invest in "readers" from Walmart?


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TBH I am not seeing this yet at the consumer level. Of three SSDs I added to a Newegg wishlist in June, one is the same price, one has dropped about 6%, and one has increased. A search of comparable drives today shows similar prices. Since I don't NEED a new SSD yet; I guess I will continue to wait. :)
There is always a lag in the production price change getting through to the end user, and the length of the lag depends a lot on inventory within the supply chain. Are Newegg going to take a loss by reducing prices of inventory; no. They wait until the vendor signifies that he will take the loss to move inventory. That decision often happens within a single day; leading to the predicted price cut happening instantaneously - say on black friday?


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The only price slump going on is the wholesale price to SSD manufacturers absolutely nothing has happened in the retail sector except for those shitty little 128/256GB and dramless junk model that manufacturers are hard out trying to get rid of because they know they're junk


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Someone from NAND/SSD experts, explain what is the reason for such a strange policy of SSD manufacturers in 2022:
SSDs are getting cheaper, but there are no consumer version SLC SSDs on the market! Although everyone knows that any NAND chip originally made as 3D TLC and QLC in reality easily switches to SLC mode by firmware for SLC rapid "cache"! After all, almost all modern SSDs allocate part of the capacity in SLC mode to speed up recording! Right? Right!
Taking into account the fact that 2TB SSD from the Chinese already cost less then $100 for 3D TLC from the Chinese NAND manufactures. What prevents selling non-2TB drives with extremely slow NAND writes outside the "SLC cache" (and all cheap SSDs, even pci-e 4.0, especially Chinese ones, can lose write speed up to shameful 50-150Mb/s, which is slower than HDD!), as SLC SSD natively or by free choose this mode by buyers in firmware (or speciall utility)?

I, like many advanced buyers who understand the shortcomings of 3D TLC and even more shameful QLC drives, want to see on sale FOR THE SAME money not 2TB 3D TLC, but 666GB drives in SLC mode, where the maximum write speed, maximum write cycles and storage time without cell refresh.

What prevents the Chinese and Western manufacturers (except for the stupidity of the crowd) from selling cheap 666GB SLC SSDs instead of 2TB and cheap 1.25TB instead of 4TB QLC today?

I do not see any technical obstacles for the buyer to decide in which mode to format the new disk. The firmware is OBLIGED to provide it with such a choice. Only a deliberate restriction on the part of marketers does not allow engineers to release consumer SLC discs - controllers and firmware for it.

I would gladly buy a 666GB SLC disk for $100 instead of cheap Chinese 2TB junk, knowing that the data on it will not be lost for more than 10-15 years for storage ambient temperature less then 35C, and its resource is almost endless, like a constant high write speed.

Even technically, it is much easier for engineers to make SLC disks, so there is no need to suffer with SLC caching in the firmware and constant rewriting from SLC cache to TLC or even lousier QLC mode...


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What do you choose, let's vote here!:

A cheap 2TB 3D TLC disk from the Chinese with a write speed outside the "SLC cache" falling to 50-150Mb/s or 666GB SLC SSD with a constant write speed above 1.5Gb/s and a huge resource of tens of thousands of cycles?

What will you choose? A cheap 4TB QLC disk from the same Chinese or a 1.25TB disk switched by hardware SLC mode with a constant stable write speed of 2Gb/s+ and tens of thousands of write cycles instead of the shameful 300-600 write cycles for QLC? And the storage time without updating the memory cells is 10-20 times longer in SLC mode than in QLC mode?

What will most buyers choose if they are offered a choice of 2 drives in retail - 666GB SLC and 2TB 3D TLC for the same money?

The Chinese, unlike Western manufacturers, could easily occupy huge market niches by offering buyers all over the planet an alternative - after buying their SSD, choose its operating mode - in SLC mode or in the mode in which NAND chips were originally made in their factories, with more capacity. So that each buyer can independently make a decision and choose the most beneficial SSD operation mode for him. This is real democracy, and not the totalitarian imposition of only one regime, as all SSD manufacturers are doing now.


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It's because there are enough simpletons willing to pay higher prices and no government oversight. Welcome to capitalism where everything is about $.
You set the right direction, but did not answer fully. And where do the simpletons get the money to pay a lot? Because it is easy credit money. In the case of developing countries - credit from the bank, and in the case of "developed" countries, immoral lending is placed at the very top - the state. Western economies with mounting debts and budget deficits are classic Ponzi schemes. But there is always a mathematical end to this (and a psychological end when no one else wants to lend money to maniacs). What we are now seeing throughout the Western world is the collapse not of capitalism, but of immoral lending and attempts to jump out of the debt loop due to stagflation, that is, a way for debtors to get out in which working people (from whom they borrowed) are robbed in the first place , and parasites of all stripes are trying to jump out at the expense of the savings of hard workers, a productive stratum earned by hard work. The productive (that is, really useful for moving civilization forward, and not burning the planet's resources for nothing) layer of people on planet Earth has shrunk from more than 80% over the past 100 years to less than 25%. The remaining 75% are simply no longer needed on this celebration of life...

You can easily trace the trend of increasing parasitic strata, using the example of food prices in Europe. 50 years ago, in Italy, for example, a dairy farmer got 3/4 of the retail price of 1 liter of milk sold. Today only 1/4. Who gets at least 50-60% of this retail price, which now does not go to the farmer? Parasites, because real milk processing, packaging production, etc., logistics to stores have not increased in price by 3 times in 50 years, the number of extra people parasitizing in these chains has increased from the farmer to the counter in the store, who also want to live satisfying and sweet. 50 years ago, the farmer sold milk to the same retail chains, but he got 3/4 of the retail price and it was fair, the processing and logistics link took 25% of the final retail price for their services to the retail counter. Approximately the same trends in all areas of economic activity - there are fewer and fewer people who are useful for maintaining life and developing civilization, and more and more people are engaged in parasitizing on their productivity. Sooner or later, it all had to turn into a civilizational collapse and the dumping of extra, parasitic strata of the population into oblivion (just like a star swells when the fuel burns out and turns into a supernova for a brief moment, dropping unnecessary shells into oblivion, and then into a black hole or a neutron dwarf , I.e. into a new state of physical equilibrium with the laws of nature).

And the attempts of debtors (and now these are entire countries living clearly beyond their means) through inflationary depreciation of debts to creditors inevitably lead to bloody showdowns all over the planet. Nobody just forgives debts. That doesn't happen. So the price of electronics is just a trifle, against the backdrop of what is coming to most of the world's population. I'm afraid I don't have good news for the next 100 years for most of the world's population. In times of crisis, only the most productive and valuable members of society are valued, and no one cares about the rest.
It’s fun isn’t it? When you have money to buy this stuff it’s double the price and now when there’s good deals you can’t afford it still. My price tracking apps looked like everything was on a 50% off sale as the lines went straight down until you realize that’s just the normal price and they wanted twice that.