SSD Storage Requirements


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Yes I did which is why Add-in cards was not the only thing I mentioned.

Really I didn't notice? but if you bothered to read my posts you'd find I said I have six drives in Icy Boxes but you obviously either didn't read the post or you don't know what a icy box is, just in case these are what I have (Three of them)

and the reason I use them not the four bay ones is the BIOS on them allows for them NOT to shut down in to sleep mode so they are always accessible


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Have you ever thought that my slots are taken with other hardware?
To play the devil's advocate here, perhaps new boards will require a few more PCI-E slots, as opposed to more SATA inputs. My thoughts here being with multi-GPU and M2-SSD becoming more common, perhaps the emphasis should shift toward additional PCI-E lanes.


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I've already seen ATX motherboards with 3x M.2 and 3x PCIe x16 slots. Since it was an enthusiast board, I don't recall but it likely had 8 SATA as well.

But yes, technology does seem to be shifting away from SATA in favor of NVMe. Maybe they will figure out how to implement NVMe on SATA ports, so we can continue using them. If not then SATA will die with HDD, and likely take optical with it.


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This off topic argument really doesn't belong in a user guide. If you wish to continue, please do so via PM.